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Pets Might Need Emergency Medical Care

There is no way one can stop accidents from happening. Even your pets can meet with accidents and you cannot prepare for it. When an accident happens to your furry friend, you too face a lot of tension and pressure. You need to make hasty decisions to get treatment for your pets as quickly as possible. This is why it is important to have an emergency plan in place when you are domesticating pets.

Dog Medical Care

Emergency care services for pets

If you are visiting a vet clinic to treat health problems of your pets, then you should talk to the veterinarian and find out if they have an emergency pet care service on offer. If not, ask the veterinarian about the 24-hour emergency pet care center in your area. It is better to get details of the name, the address, and the phone number of the emergency pet care center and stores it in your cell phone or tack it on the refrigerator, even if it of the noose to you now. You may never know when you might need this piece of information and when an emergency occurs, you do not have to search for a center.

Signs that indicate your pet need emergency care

If your pet falls from a certain height or has met with an accident, then it is very important to offer emergency medical care. It might be suffering from some kind of trauma due to the fall or accident. Some of the issues that your pets might face like, heatstroke, the sting from insects, snake bite, etc., need emergency medical attention to save the life of the pet. Some other signs to be wary of are:

  •         Excessive bleeding.
  •         Not able to stand.
  •         Rapid breathing.
  •         Weak pulse.
  •         Faster heartbeat than normal.
  •         Variation in body temperature.
  •         Pale gums and dry mouth.
  •         Seizures.

You should also know that seriously injured pets would look to be aggressive towards you. Hence, you should be aware of such response from the pets and protect yourself from getting injured.

First aid treatments that pet parents can give

Most of the emergency situations might need immediate pet care and you cannot wait till you reach the vet’s place. You need to stabilize your pet before rushing him or her to the veterinarian. If the pet is choking, try opening its mouth with your fingers to remove the blockage. If you cannot remove the object in its mouth, you can try giving a sharp thump on its chest to remove the object. If the pet has suffered an external bleeding due to fall or an accident, then elevate the place and try applying pressure on the wound to reduce the bleeding. This would give you some breathing time to take the pet to the veterinarian for emergency care.

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