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The Different Injuries That Your Dogs Can Suffer From

Dogs catch injury once or twice in their life. It is not under your control. As dogs are adventurous, fearless and playful, they love to explore the world and in the haste of doing things, they might suffer from injuries. The world that they explore has a lot of things that can cause injury to them. An accident can happen at any time. Having the right knowledge about dog injuries and the mental strength to meet such accidents is the best thing to do to save your pet.

Dog  Injuries

Injuries from dog fights

If your dog catches a fight with another dog or gets attacked by other dogs, then the chances of the dog sustaining serious injuries are high. The wounds that your dog suffers from such fights might cause problems with its soft tissues and skin. The bite injuries might be minor or even severe. The deep wounds might tear into tissue and affect the muscles or even the bone. It is important to take the pet to a vet care center after a dog attack to find out if the injuries are severe. Treatments for dog bites should start as soon as possible as there are a lot of bacteria in the mouth of the dogs. There is every chance for the wounds from dog bites to infect the dog.

Limb injury

One common injury that dogs suffer from is the limb injury. X-ray examination is the best option to diagnose the severity of the limb injury. If you find your dog limping and do not see signs of improvement in one or two days, then it is better to see a veterinarian. There might be a small fracture in the bones in the paws or the legs. It might just be a tissue injury that normally happens when your dog lands in a wrong position after a jump or hurts itself when it overdoes running. Treatments for simple tissue injuries are rested and medication. Serious limb injuries might need surgery.

Injuries to the eye

Eye injuries are very common among dogs. They happen for a variety of reasons. Dogs easily catch eye injuries when they let their head hang outside of the car windows while traveling. The debris in the air and the road has every chance of getting in their eyes and cause some minor eye injuries like abrasions. If you see some tear in the dog’s eye, excessive water in the eyes, swelling, redness or discharge, then it is better to take it to a veterinarian for further inspection. Treating eye injuries very early will help in getting rid of it with medication and proper care.

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